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The 3 Monument Pillars to Your Life

Everyone is already equipped with beauty, wisdom and success. My niche is: I help individuals find this within them, make the feeling greater within them, create a more vivid picture and allow them to hear their true self as they take action to bring it out. We create a plan and by moving forward as they take action, they step into their true purpose on what they came on this earth to do, be and have!


The Essence of You in the Moment Now
Always performing, executing, never allowing a rest to fully and completely BE? BE your greatest self! I’ll share
the one secret with you.


Performing an Action Intentionally
You rather just exist than taking action? There’s a flip side to this. Do to step into your fullest YOU ! There’s
one super simple step.


Owning Your Abundance As A Result
Tap into the balance of Being & Doing – as a result: watch your ripple effect. YOU are holding one major force –
adapt these profound steps.

My Vision & Mission

My Vision is to transform millions of peoples lives for the betterment of our world, by speaking in front of large audiences, one-on-one coaching, creating programs and facilities and masterminding with world-peace leaders.

My Mission is to inspire and educate all individuals; to manifest peace & joy in their lives and trust in themselves through hands-on teaching with positive self talk and reframing.Hoeferle-14

My Belief is when you continue to picture a different approach to action, and you come from a place of service as you are listening to peoples needs, you automatically stand out and affect and light up all souls – within you and around you.

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What Her Clients Are Saying:

Brigitta is a business woman and a true professional. She is an advisor, a coach and an educator. Her contagious attitude, her continuous effort, and her active listening skills make her the successful leader that she is. She always strives to provide value to other people’s lives. As you work with Brigitta you’ll realize she stands for accountability, compassion, and growth. Enjoy your journey with her!
Michael Silvers, Director of Coaching and Trainer, New Peaks
Brigitta is an entrepreneur that is successful at everything she tries. Her Montessori school is thought of as one of the best in Tennessee. Her counseling and speaking venture have also taken off faster then even she projected. Her thinking outside the “box” is always ahead of the norm.
Robert Hotchkiss, Counselor at Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC)
Brigitta is an outstanding business lady who is doing remarkable things …here in Cleveland! She is energetic and highly respected in our Community!
Johnny, Chairman, Pioneer Credit / Marine