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As a child and teenager, I heard very often that I don’t fit in that I’m different. I was overweight, my parents worked more than they cared to spend time with me.
My father, who was a missionary for over 30 years said to me when I was a child: “You’ll see, you are a tool to inspire others …. ”

Many years of working on myself, developing myself to be the best person I can possibly imagine and accepting myself in the process, brought me to where I am today. In the course of my work over the past 12 years, I was able to guide and assist hundreds of people to do the same, as their roles of being a parent, a lover, a spouse, an employee, and employer, a weight shedder, a happiness seeker and everything in between.

What I learned many many years later was what my father meant by what he said: I’m on this earth to bring out the greatest YOU within you! And I was only to step into my greatest power, my truest self by working thorough my own pain, challenges, limitations and non-supportive beliefs.

I care about your goals, your dreams and your success! I emphasize on connecting with you on a deeper, more authentic level!
I will not tell you what you want to hear, I am here for you to find your true purpose.
I will get you out of your comfort zone and you will thank me! Because I care.
I am committed to you you taking your next step by thinking bigger and creating clarity.


We are dedicated to uphold and maintain the principles of Montessori education in a warm and nurturing environment that is prepared to meet the needs of children. Our mission is to provide the highest possible Montessori education so that our students are well trained, are able to fulfill their creative potential, and build confidence in their physical, emotional, social and intellectual abilities. In addition to our commitment to the child, we are also dedicated to family support. Acknowledging the interdependence of the child with the home environment, our staff is prepared to support and guide parents to create a secure foundation for the family.
We understand the difficulties many parents face raising children in today’s culture.
Montessori schools are recognized and respected all over the world for creating a learning
environment that fosters initiative, self-esteem, and the joy of learning.
Finding meaning in what we do fuels our passion to enrich lives and to give generously to others daily, making a difference – one person at a time.
Provide an environment that fosters the development of unique capabilities in each person. Instill an enthusiasm for learning, the courage to tackle challenging tasks, and respect and compassion for all living things. We seek to accomplish this through excellence, understanding and involvement.
Creating, maintaining and constantly improving an environment that is a joyous and harmonic place of work. A place to which you want to invite everyone to learn in peace.
I always see a positive intention in every situation.
I always use an experience as a learning experience and learn from mistakes.
I listen rather than defending myself.
I solve problems in person and not over the phone or via email.
I always communicate all spoken and nonspoken words in a positive and kind way.
I remain positive at all times and will pass this on to others
My results count, I stand to what I say ( I do what I say and I say what I do)
I am calm and confident in what I do and say.
I keep quiet and calm when I speak to others.


3-keys-CCA-c What are you receiving as you achieve your dreams and goals?
When are you taking action?
Where do you see yourself one year from today?
How do you visualize your true potential and articulate your fullest purpose?
Who supports your dreams, visions goals 100%?


I eagerly look forward to my coaching calls with Brigitta every week because without missing a beat, every week she delivers multiple priceless nuggets to guide and assist me in my journey to excellence & success. She is intuitive, extremely knowledgeable, has a wide range of tangible tools to share, & has an infectious positive energy. Her belief in me & what I am capable of achieving is not only reassuring but I feel creates a strong momentum behind me. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be coached by her.
R. G.