What’s Aldi got to do with Self Development?

Yesterday I went shopping at Aldi, after my mentoring call with my CEO mentor.
As I packed my shopping cart with five packs of fresh organic Spinach, Almond milk, lettuce, ten avocados, nuts, tomatoes, sweet peppers, beans and arugula, and as I was standing in line, the lady behind me looked at my full cart with non-processed foods. I heard her say: “Wow, you seem to live really healthy! That takes a lot.”

–> Now does it take a lot? Take a lot of what?
…Can’t be a lot of money, ’cause processed crap adds up a lot more $$ out of your pocket/bank account at the end of the week – try it and compare!! Or might it take a lot of courage … nope, not that either.
Does it take will power…!?
Hm… perhaps it’s making a CHOICE.
I’ll let you decide.

Back to Aldi … this lady caught me so off guard, as I was still in my head thinking about what I discussed with my mentor: Letting go of control and being unattached to the outcome, and getting out of my head and plugging into my heart….
In this moment, I was so in my head and not able to plug into my heart.

How many of you are setting objectives regularly and yet have the serenity of living your day, well… and your life, unattached to the outcome?


As Margaret Paul said in this article:
” If we attach our happiness and worth to accomplishing our goals, then we will never feel happy until we have what we want.”

Almost an oxymoron you say!?

You see, resourceful people invest their energy in envisioning their future, getting specific on what they want and what they’re creating. And that entails envisioning EVERYTHING: your health, your body figure, your friends, your partner (personal and business), your finances, your vacations, your kids, your home, your income streams, —> most importantly your XOXO (insert here what comes up for you right now.)

Let me be really clear: resourceful folks surround themselves with even more resourceful and sharp individuals! And that brings me back to the conversation with my mentor: as I was celebrating everything that I had accomplished (celebrations are HUGE, and when you work with me, you’ll learn that very quickly!) and as I was tracking my accomplishments and stating my goals, the concept of “being unattached to the outcome” and “letting go of control” came up, I think six times! As my dear trainer-friend, Robert Riopel, would say: “That’s a CLUE!”

The Thinker

For the longest time, I’ve been trying to control EVERYTHING and things have not always worked in my favor. Today, I live by what I teach: set clear and specific objectives, know your WHY (why are you doing what you’re doing) and know that the HOW will follow.

Can I be real vulnerable with you? I’ve been procrastinating to write my first blog. Why, you ask?
Subconsciously I felt the need to have it all perfect, have all my ducks in a row, be all in control, be organized to the last detail.
Can you relate to that? And as I am now aware and am managing the emotions that come with the decision of letting go of this control and being unattached to the outcome, it’s getting easier to write from the heart, to be fully of service to you.

So, when will you be less controlling and more enrolling? Let me hear from you and perhaps you’re still in the midst of it and you say: ENOUGH!! It’s time to break the mold … what will it take?

Go for it, break the mold starting here now!


One of my clients, White Fox, says:

Brigitta Hoeferle is my coach. I hate doing some of the things she challenges me to do. But in the last few months spending time with her she has helped me clarify my wants and goals. She is amazing, she is honest, she asks real questions to challenge my thinking and she always keep her word. She shows up! Thank you Brigitta!

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