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Guerilla Business School, Assistant Trainer 2016

Ken Courtright, Income Store and Brigitta Hoeferle at Digital Footprint Atlanta, April 2017

Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder of and Brigitta Hoeferle at Digital Footprint Atlanta, April 2017

David Corbin, Mentor of Mentors and Brigitta Hoeferle at Digital Footprint Atlanta, April 2017

Aaron Young, CEO of Laughlin Associates with Michelle Pierson Young, and Brigitta Hoeferle at Digital Footprint Atlanta, April 2017

Brigitta Hoeferle, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, Amelie Hoeferle at Ken Courtright’s Digital Footprint


Brigitta Hoeferle, Niurka


Brigitta Hoeferle, Marcia Wieder


Brigitta Hoeferle, Joel Roberts, Christian Hoeferle


Adam Markel, Brigitta Hoeferle

Christian Hoeferle, Joel Roberts, Brigitta Hoeferle

Brigitta Hoeferle, Connie Chung

Brigitta Hoeferle, Christoph Merrill, Christian Hoeferle

Brigitta Hoeferle, The Iron Cowboy James Lawrence at Digital Footprint

Brigitta Hoeferle, Esther Wildenberg, B.A.N.K.

Jeffrey Edwards, Michael Silvers, Brigitta Hoeferle

Johnnie Cass, Brigitta Hoeferle, Jeffrey Edwards at New Peaks Mission Possible

Josh Sailar, Brigitta Hoeferle, Mark-Rothstein at Master Wealth Creators

Ruben Mata, Brigitta, Ken Dubner at New Peaks Mission Possible

Brigitta Hoeferle, Karen Leland

Brigitta Hoeferle, Ruben Mata

Christian Hoeferle, Robert Riopel, Brigitta Hoeferle

Christian Hoeferle, Blair Singer, Brigitta Hoeferle

Christian Hoeferle, Brigitta Hoeferle, Greg S. Reid

Brigitta Hoeferle, Phil Black, ºCoxyº

Brigitta Hoeferle, Christiana Carter

Brigitta Hoeferle, Recipient of the CSCC Rising Star Award 2009

Brigitta Hoeferle with her dear friend Cheri Tree, founder of BANKcode


Greg & Tamara Montana, Heart Virtues



My wonderful friend Marcia Wieder and my incredible daughters Amelie & Ana

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann at my Maifest event 2013

German Consul General Wülfing presents school owner Brigitta Höferle the PASCH insignia plaque for the German Language School 2014

Invited by Jürgen Höller to Schweinfurt, Germany

James MacNeil & Brigitta at Reignite


James MacNeil, Brigitta and Deirdre von Krauskopf, Verbal Aikido

Jürgen Höller Akademy, Schweinfurt, Germany

US Senator Bob Corker, Amelie & Ana Hoeferle