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Everyone is already equipped with beauty, wisdom and success. My niche is: I help individuals find this within them, make the feeling greater within them, create a more vivid picture and allow them to hear their true self as they take action to bring it out. We create a plan and by moving forward as they take action, they step into their true purpose on what they came on this earth to do, be and have!

Single Testimonials

Brigitta is an entrepreneur that is successful at everything she tries. Her Montessori school is thought of as one of the best in Tennessee. Her counseling and speaking venture have also taken off faster then even she projected. Her thinking outside the “box” is always ahead of the norm.
Robert Hotchkiss, Counselor at Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC)
Brigitta is a business woman and a true professional. She is an advisor, a coach and an educator. Her contagious attitude, her continuous effort, and her active listening skills make her the successful leader that she is. She always strives to provide value to other people’s lives. As you work with Brigitta you’ll realize she stands for accountability, compassion, and growth. Enjoy your journey with her!
Michael Silvers, Director of Coaching and Trainer, New Peaks
I eagerly look forward to my coaching calls with Brigitta every week because without missing a beat, every week she delivers multiple priceless nuggets to guide and assist me in my journey to excellence & success. She is intuitive, extremely knowledgeable, has a wide range of tangible tools to share, & has an infectious positive energy. Her belief in me & what I am capable of achieving is not only reassuring but I feel creates a strong momentum behind me. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be coached by her.
Brigitta is an outstanding business lady who is doing remarkable things …here in Cleveland! She is energetic and highly respected in our Community!
Dear Brigitta,
Thank you for being wonderful coach. I really enjoyed working with you. You are never rushed and you take time to listen and give feedback. You are really dedicated to coaching and empower others.
I plan to continue a mentoring program with you in the near future and will be touch.
Hann V
My coaching experience was amazing, you are the perfect fit for me. I really feel like having a way to track my action steps and someone as encouraging as you to help get me through was a big help. I learned that the roadblocks are really in your mind and you have the power to change everything.
Brittany N.
Brigitta is the most knowledgeable and professional educator I have ever met. She is also the most astute individual on recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of others. She is very direct in her approach to any problem, but she is never abrasive in offering her opinion on an effective solution.
Brigitta is a driven, compassionate Type A personality who works exceptionally well with young children as a private school educator/director and with adults from all walks of life. Not only is she continually on top of everything happening at her school, she is also effectively and efficiently effective in her numerous community support activities. Without exception she handles feathers in windstorms. An outstanding professional with whom I am privileged to associate.
Dr Diana J Potter, BSJ, MS, PhD
Brigitta is a great educator and director. Very Professional and highly dedicated to getting positive results while balancing the fact that she is working with children
Brigitta is an exceptional business professional. A true visionary with a sincere desire to make a difference in the educational and social experiences for children. As Founder and Director at Montessori Kinder, Brigittta’s leadership skills have caught the attention of the community as she has received the highest accolades for her work. A devoted wife, mother, educator, business woman, and entrepreneur, Brigitta has distinguished herself as a one of Cleveland’s leaders for the 21st century. It is a true honor above all to call her a friend.